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Based in Salt Lake City, Utah - Jeremiah Rex Smith Construction is an established and trusted provider of ultra premium Custom Home and Custom Concrete Services.

Jeremiah's father, Rex P. Smith has been a leader in the field of concrete and construction for nearly 40 years.  Jeremiah inherited his father's same passion for excellence and craftsmanship and has been perfecting his own skills for nearly 25 years.

Please feel welcome to contact us for a FREE bid with absolutely no obligation.

We're both friendly and professional and take great pride and satisfaction in the high quality work that we do.

Our attention to detail and our passion for superior workmanship trickles all the way down to the very materials that we use.
We hand select every piece of lumber and carefully analyze each batch of concrete that goes into our creations.

We never settle for merely "acceptable."
We use only the best and our work reflects this. This dedication to perfection - combined with our experienced and trustworthy crew - is what sets us apart and makes us the company that we are.

What can we build for you today?

Custom Homes   Custom Framing
Garages and Sheds Remodeling
New Home Additions  
Side Layouts   Sidewalks
Excavation Custom Driveways
Concrete Removal Steps
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Footings Front Porches
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Foundations Patios
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Garage Slabs Color Stamped Concrete
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Mono Slabs Mow Strips
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Sport Courts Retaining Walls
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Basketball Courts Custom Sandboxes
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RV Parking Floors Dog Runs
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Curb and Gutter Overlays
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Concrete Repairs  
Kitchens   Bathrooms
Bedrooms Family Rooms
Home Additions Dens
Office Buildings   City Buildings
Churches Strip Malls
Convenience Stores Retail Outlets
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